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Global Security Services provides a suite of services affording our clients industry leading logistical support. Our suite of services covers our client’s needs from armored cars to secure shipping of products. Whether our clients are on vacation or on business travel our operators mitigate prosperity disincentives. Our comprehensive Risk Assessment program initiates actionable intelligence. Our level headed Industry leading operators utilize decades of training to react appropriately and precisely to mitigate the changing climate no matter how severe.

Global Security Protective Detail

Anyone can provide a vehicle and a driver, but not everyone can offer industry leading protection only rivaled by our professionalism. Our armored vehicles offer ultimate protection but that does not guarantee reaching your destination. It is our trained operators equipped with the foresight, experience, and knowledge to mitigate security obstacles that can get you to your destination.


Whether shipping product or personnel Global Security Services secure the channel for uninhibited personal and corporate growth. Global Security Service initiates channel planning through screening of crew and potential crew members, assessments of cruising locations and ports, and destination surveys. While in route our foresight, endurance, experience, and knowledge affords everyone from captains to passenger’s peace of mind.

Convoy Security/Mobile Protection

Your objective is a smooth Convoy resulting in a safe transfer. Global Security is here to provide an uninhibited channel and protect our clients so they can focus on their agenda. Our training affords us the foresight and ability to resolve real-time disincentives.

Global Security Service operators are experts in high-risk convoy security operations. Through our Armored Vehicle Rental program we can provide armored passenger vehicles to our clients around the world. During our comprehensive risk assessment we identify your needs we scale our armored vehicle package to your needs alleviating frivolous equipment procurement.


Global Security Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a concept that first emerged in the 2005 at Global Security. Though there is no single globally accepted definition, SSR generally refers to a process to reform or rebuild a state’s security sector. In this respect, an unreformed or misconstrued security sector represents a decisive obstacle to the promotion of sustainable development, democracy and peace. Global Security SSR processes therefore seek to enhance the delivery of effective and efficient security and justice services, by security sector institutions that are accountable to the state and its people, and operate within a framework of democratic governance, without discrimination and with full respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Global Security SSR efforts target all state institutions and other entities with a role in ensuring the security of the state and its people, including: armed forces; law enforcement and intelligence services; institutions responsible for border management and customs services; justice and penal institutions; and Global Security personnel that play a role in managing and overseeing the design and implementation of security, such as ministries, parliaments, ombudspersons, human rights commissions and civil society organizations. In some contexts, it also addresses non-state armed groups and/or private security and military companies.

Global Security’s SSR program is both an operational as well as a normative concept. Featuring norms such as good governance, civilian oversight and the rule of law among its defining characteristics, its inclusion as a necessary component of international policies addressing post-conflict or post disaster situations is becoming more and more commonplace. As such, Global Security’s SSR program can be seen as a branch of an increasing international effort to secure human security.