GSGI’s video surveillance solutions bring together a new wave of

advanced technologies.

transforming video security systems from the relative passivity of simple video surveillance to more active, collaborative, and more intelligent video security.


As part of the next generation of public safety solutions, Global Security’s video security platform will optimally share multimedia information between the command center and the edge to heighten situational awareness. Automated and intelligent video capabilities will translate information captured from video systems into real-time crime fighting tools, delivering expanded and enhanced functionality for rich media collaboration. 


Global Security offers a comprehensive end-to-end video security architecture including applications at the back office, devices in the field and broadband transport networks. Our open IP architecture encourages a development ecosystem allowing the integration of best-in-class products.

Together, these components provide an advanced video security solution that goes beyond simple video surveillance.



The scope of CCTV solutions

CCTV cameras (including IP, infrared, low-light, pinhole, waterproof, mini, dome)

DVRs (digital video recorders)

CCTV towers and columns 

Covert CCTV systems

Deterrent/Telemetry CCTV systems 

Motion Detection

Predictive Software

Automatic Number Plate Recognition 

CCTV Lenses & Illumination

CCTV Monitors

CCTV Switchers

Fiber Optic CCTV transition

Networked CCTV Transmission

Wireless CCTV Systems

Software Systems for CCTV Control, CCTV Management & Diagnostics

Video Surveillance Solutions for your organization

Global Security’s cctv solutions may simply be required to provide the video surveillance support for an on-site security monitoring team; or they may be part of a remote, multi-site monitoring requirement demanding the likes of high volume digital video recording/archiving, intruder motion detection and ANPR based access control. Global Security can provide interior and exterior video surveillance solutions that range in size from centrally monitored, total corporate systems (fully-networked with dedicated fiber optic backbones) to PC-controlled, IP-based, stand-alone remote access verifiers.

CCTV Systems Maintenance

As a major systems integrator, we draw the CCTV systems components we use from an extensive array of the global names in branded CCTV technology. CCTV service and CCTV maintenance for our systems are in the hands of our own, highly trained and experienced engineering teams.

Multi-Role CCTV Solutions

Whether stand-alone or part of an integrated system, CCTV solutions can be called upon to perform a number of functions for the organizations which use them, beyond being primarily a risk management surveillance tool. Video recording and search in the digital domain, in particular, has brought added value to CCTV system investments. An astute client should consider in detail the relative importance of detection, deterrence, reassurance, evidence, access control, facility management – even, possibly, marketing intelligence – that can be derived from a well-designed CCTV system.

Data Protection Obligations

Most CCTV systems installed fall within the scope of Data Protection Act requirements. We can provide detailed advice and support to help you with compliance and best practice.

Meeting Your CCTV System Needs

Utilizing our in-house technical skills, we have embraced digital storage, video transmission technology and network/IP communications as part of our core CCTV service; so ensuring we can meet customer requirements to provide CCTV system installation and CCTV system support for our high reliability, multi-functional, tailor-made CCTV solutions.